tacit – dmitrij nikitin


A pathological risk minimization is a lifestyle disease. It causes the lack of immunity in the society, making it rigid and static. The certainty is one of our basic human needs, but reduction of risks below the healthy level has devastating effects. In all scales and in all fields – in nature and human society, in education, economy, but also in art and architecture, the risk reduction is poisonous.
MANUMIT infects the basic communication device – a smartphone (or a tablet). An infection or rather a “vaccination” is fully voluntary acceptance of a long-term risk without any clear idea about the effects of a virus. One could lost data, ones personal information could be stolen, the device could be even destroyed. Although, there could also be absolutely no effects at all.
The purpose of the project is not to root out the consequences of the compulsive risk reduction, nor to artificially raise the risk probability. The aim is to start a long process of the risk acceptance.
Loosing the fear.




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