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memorial /1

The proposal for the Victims of Communism Memorial is situated on a Letna hill in Prague. The task was to create a functioning connection between the center of the city – Old Town Square and Letna.
The concept derives from the effort to express the theme through symbols – the means of shaping the space, which would be clearly understood without the need of sculptural concretization of events or personalities. The form is based on the opposites: dark / light; valley / mountain; cramped / free; outside / inside; intimate / shared; permanent / transient.
Deriving from the opposites, an underground oblique cone that extends toward Letna, is created. Simplicity of form is an effort to find the most concise materialization of the symbols.
Each step of the path symbolizes 1,000 human destinies.




memorial /2

The proposal is based on a symbolic journey through the memories.
The memorial consists of two rows of flexible stems, which are placed along the path and symbolize human destinies. The stems ripple in the wind, creating the impression of waves along the way. The height of each stem is based on the life length of the victim. Stems form a symbolic gateway – the memories are vivid and lasting. The number of the “gates” is based on the number of executed victims of the communist regime. One millimeter of the stem is one day of the victim’s life. The point at which the stem is cut off is the moment of the execution. The stems are planted chronologically by the day of the execution.