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‘Peripeteia’ is a procedural tool for defining theoretical map of concepts, which are used in a¬†creative process of the collective of artists, who share one studio space. This map has its intellectual center as well as its peripherals. As a result, the position of the concepts of individual students and their intellectual connections within the whole act as curatorial tool for the physical positioning of the artworks¬†in the exhibition studio space.
Each student comes with a list of 10 concepts, which he or she uses in a creative process. Each concept is graded on a scale from one to ten according to importance for the artists work. By linking the conceptual structure of the entire studio, the continuous system with clearly specified hierarchy of concepts emerges.
“A thought and an action. The natural bond, the substance of which, however, is highly individual. Everybody’s thinking transforms into acts differently Everybody works with clues and symbols to make a work understandable by the recipient.
This map is not a product – it is a process, applicable in real time. It is capable of transformation and changing its core and peripheral interests.
The map defines the naturally arising manifesto, it is a sum of diverse perspectives in a consistent whole. ”