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The work deals with the process of transforming ideas into a form, which is communicable to another recipient. ‘Tacit’ examines the process of the typing, erasing, structuring, regrouping of text.
The boundary of our private inner intellectual space gives us the freedom to directly express with writing. The process of writing is also determined by the knowledge of a recipient and the need to eventually move the text into a public media space. A boundary of the private and public space in the virtual world is different from its physical analogies. These boundaries can move, vibrate, disturb. The notion of this instability has a strong influence on our behavior and expression.
Typing on the computer to a certain extent freed the process of reshaping the text. The physical space of the paper allowed only a limited possibilities for editing, before becoming unreadable. Computer unleashes the writing process, while also introducing other restrictive effects.
Typing on the keyboard is probably the closest process to the immediate shaping of the ideas. It allows for endless editing, removing, deleting and formatting. That is why it is the easiest way to monitor both natural and learned rituals and habits.
Moreover, the deleted text often hides the most essential and often more honest communication during a regular chat conversation. It is a process of self-censorship, whether determinate or imminent, of deleting an excess, the process of finding the essence.
The panorama of the forrest moves simultaneously with the recording of the typing. When text is added, the picture moves to the less visually defined „jungle“. When deleting, the picture moves to a more rhythmically pronounced structure of the tree trunks. Different occasions of typing have a different time structure and vary in the levels of editting. The forest visualizes these differences by transforming its structure. The display below the moving image shows the deleted parts of the text, revealing the matter, which is usually lost in the process.